By Ben Polkinghorne

By Ben Polkinghorne

Jul 6, 2023

Jul 6, 2023

How emotions capture attention

How emotions capture attention

80% of your brain’s energy is spent subconsciously.

This part of the brain, known as the R-complex, or Reptilian brain, is instinctual.

Operates at a pre-verbal level.

Is unable to process complex messages.

Constantly scans the environment for threats.

Not only does it keep you alive, it automatically tunes out the overwhelming world around you.

Walking down the street, it ignores signs fighting for your attention.

People walking past. Cars cruising past. The noise of everyday life.

To capture your attention something has to bypass this inherent resistance.

Emotions, a primal and instinctive language, speak directly to your reptilian brain.

They act as a bridge to connect and engage.

That’s why, in today’s overwhelming streaming landscape, moveme helps you cut through the noise.

Tap into the power of emotions with moveme.

Your brain will thank you for it.