By Ben Polkinghorne

By Ben Polkinghorne

May 12, 2023

May 12, 2023

The streaming struggle (and our solution)

The streaming struggle (and our solution)

The scale of the problem

Struggle to find something good to watch?

You’re not alone.

72% of people get frustrated.
26% say it can take them more than 10 mins.
56% give up.

This is a problem for the 3.5 billion people around the world streaming film and TV.

And the problem is getting worse every year.


With the global competition for subscribers, the amount of available video content has jumped 18% in the last three years.

There are now 50,000 movies and shows across just eight of the major subscription services in the US.

58% of people feel overwhelmed by the amount of content available.

My friend Peter says the thing he watches the most is a scrolling carousel.

To make matters worse, this never-ending stream of content is split across numerous services, each with its own siloed discovery system and… associated monthly fee.

In the UK, nearly 20% of households are paying £300 a year for different streaming services.

And forgetting about free options, like Freevee or the BBC iPlayer.

The unsophisticated status quo

There are two main types of recommendation systems.

One is ‘content-based’. Hey, this guy watched a historical drama. He loves historical dramas. Show him rows and rows of historical dramas!

The other is ‘collaborative-based’. Hey, she watched this movie and this movie. A random person watched those two - then watched this, so she’ll love this too! Show her that!

The collaborative approach prioritises popular content, so niche or less-obvious content doesn’t stand a chance.

What streaming services are missing

These two existing recommendation systems have been used for over 25 years. It’s time for a third approach.

One that takes your emotions into account.

Nearly every decision we make is based on our emotions.

What we want to watch is no exception. It largely depends on our current mood and how we want to feel.

That’s why we rewatch movies: we know how they’ll make us feel.

That’s why at moveme, we’re building an emotion-led recommendation system.

We hope you’ll find our solution faster, fun and more intuitive.

We hope moveme opens up the world of film for you.

Old films. Foreign films. Independent films.

Films you’d normally never come across. 

Join the movement.