Ben Polkinghorne

Ben Polkinghorne

Sep 29, 2023

Sep 29, 2023

Update: 120 days since launch

Update: 120 days since launch

On June 1, 2023, moveme went live.

Initially on Product Hunt, then on Reddit. 

Our goal was to get our first cohort of users and useful feedback. 

That happened. 

But things… kept happening. 

We’ve had 120 consecutive days of people creating an account on moveme. 

No-one could, should or would have expected that.

For starters, we purposefully don’t require people to do that to experience moveme. 

More to the point, this means complete strangers are telling their friends. 

Who are telling their friends. 

Who tell their friends too. 

Every day of the week. 

That’s special. 

And people are returning. Time and time again.

That’s not something we take for granted.

So thank you. 

We’re working on truly exciting developments and initiatives behind the scenes, right now. 

But we also wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the other wonderful things that have already happened. 

We’ve shared these on our Instagram and Twitter/X.

But they’re worth recapping here too. 

Yesterday we were shortlisted for the UX/Content Discovery award, at the Video Tech Innovation Awards. This is big. Variety wrote in February this year, ‘Content Discovery is Streaming’s Biggest Struggle’. 

The awards themselves are run by Digital TV Europe, who aim to celebrate the latest cutting-edge tech and service developments that have transformed the video distribution business over the past year. 

The winner is announced in November. 

Two weeks ago, we found out we made it into the Slush 100. The most coveted startup competition in the world, they had over 1,000 applicants. We’re one of ten from the UK. 

The prize is a €1,000,000 investment from 5 top tier VCs.

Earlier this month, IBC (or the International Broadcasting Convention) took place. The world’s leading content and technology event, it saw 43,000 media and entertainment professionals descend on Amsterdam to hear where the industry is ‘moving’. 

Our technology was mentioned in a major talk ‘How to approach AI and gain a competitive edge’.

We’ve had a smattering of press too. 

Without a doubt the highlight so far was making the cover of TVBEurope’s August magazine. There’s an interview on page 20/21. 

Then there was a special mention in Brian Newman’s newsletter. GSH wrote that we’re ‘probably onto something’. 

Other press includes a New Zealand podcast interview (recorded live at midnight my time), a writeup in TVTechnology and newsletter mentions in Ben’s Bites and Tech Pizza. 

Other fun things have happened too. 

Google ‘moveme’ in countries around the world, including the UK and USA, and we’re #1.

We’re getting hundreds of organic hits this way.

Historical data shows the volume of searches for ‘moveme’ hasn’t drastically changed since we launched…
…so it would appear people are looking to move houses, discovering moveme and getting somewhat distracted.

So much has happened, so much is yet to happen. 

Thanks again for the support. 

And the feedback (we’re logging everything). 

We’ll share more news soon.

And we’ll continue dedicating our lives to solving the problem:
It’s hard to find something good to watch.